Friday, December 30, 2011

Here we go!!

We are in Detroit and are ready to leave. Only 15 more hrs to go (ugh) but its business class so it won't be that bad. Thanks Scott's company! Kids are having the last mcd's meal for a while. China has them, but they're not the same. Scott is trying to pull out Lauren's loose tooth. Really? Right now? Great timing.
Scotty already has travel plans on the 4th. But instead of it being for two weeks it's only two days. Really what could possibly go wrong being in a strange country not knowing the language. I'm sure we'll be fine.
Love to all


  1. Hope you're busy getting the body clocks adjusted!

  2. Sue,
    The comment I posted the first day of your blog didn't work- so I'm trying again.

    Have a wonderful adventure- can't wait to hear all your experiences!

    Happy ( US) New Year!