Monday, January 21, 2013

New Years resolution

Hi Everyone

My New Years resolution this year is simple.  Blog more.  I have to admit, I never go crazy with the resolution thing.  Last year it was find something positive everyday.  Not hard.  The year before that it was wear perfume everyday.  I might start that one again.  I'd like to tell you I save the hard stuff for lent, but that would be a lie.  I had a friend once who gave up processed flour before anyone knew there were other kinds of flours out there.  Going out to lunch became not only tricky but a real blow to our nutritional knowledge.  We had a 5 min discussion about french fries and if processed flour is involved.  Let me save you some time.  It's not.  
So I'm sticking to something easy.  Blogging.  I hope to do it once a week.  There. I said it out loud so now all of you can hold me to it.  Please ignore that it's been 3 weeks since I made this resolution.  

I have to say, it's good to back in our "China routine".  I use quotes, because most of the time the routine is no routine.  School has started back up.  And even though it seems familiar to me, I have to remember sometimes I'm not where I am from.  For example:

Last semester Lauren decided to take an after school activity (we call them asa).  She picked yoga, which was one of the few that was done by an outside company so it cost money.  There was a cheerleading/hip hop class option also, but that (thank god) didn't interest her.  But because of that, the other 3 yoga students were boys.  And two of those boys made it very hard to do any kind of poses let alone meditate or get centered.  Needless to say, not a good use of my money.  I did try to gently express my concerns to the yoga teacher, but she always seemed exhausted by the end of the class. Hmmmm, wonder why.  Now we have an administrator at the school whose title is "parent liaison".  Her name is Moira and she is always everyone's go to person.  Unfortunately, last semester she missed about half while attending a retreat.  Her replacement was a wonderful, very funny man named Chris.  But when I brought this up to him, he said "hmmm, that is a tough one".  So we rode out the yoga class.  I do believe what Lauren thinks yoga is is not really what yoga is.  

So when it was time to do asa sign up again Lauren picked knitting (my grandma would be so proud) and yoga again.  When choosing asa's you pick your first choice on the first day and your second choice after that.  Well, possibly subconsciously, I forgot to sign her up for yoga.  No problem! I will talk to Moira.  I should mention at this point that Moira is from Australia.  That info is important in a minute.  At pickup one day earlier this month, I was sitting in the "parent room", where we all sit before we can retrieve our little ones, next to my friends Gwen, from Baltimore and Yawen, from China.  I asked Moira if I could sign Lauren up for yoga still.  She said no problem.  Then I asked if I could look at the student list for the class.  I know this is a big favour, but I explained to her my concern that if the two boys were back, I didn't want to waste my money.  She asked if I talked to the teacher about this.  I said I did.  I then said something like, "they aren't bad kids, they were just crazy like indians".  I continued with more statements like "Lauren said they were running around the room like a bunch of crazy indians"  and "I just don't think Lauren got a lot out of the class since some of the kids were running around like crazy indians".  By now I've noticed that Yawen and Moira are looking at me with a look of not understanding what I am saying and Gwen has all of a sudden become very interested in the fabric on her chair.  Moira says "were they Indian?".  I say "No no no.  That's just an expression we use to say people are very rowdy.  You know, like American Indians" (that's right. I still hadn't caught on).  She replies "Oh, I thought all Americans were really politically correct".  I turn to Gwen for help saying that this is a common phrase used.  She totally throws me under the bus and says "Oh no, you're on your own babe".  Now I know Moira.  I know she was just poking fun at me while showing me the error of my ways.  But I always thought that I was a very sensitive and politically correct person.  But this is a saying that I've used so much, it's stuck in my head.  I know Moira is right.  And I'm thankful I said it to her, who has a good sense of humour and has heard it all.  But I am so judgemental of people who say similar things and think how backwards, rude, ignorant and stupid they are, AND HERE I AM BEING THAT PERSON.  So I will also resolve to try to do better myself.  And if I can, take a page from Moira's book about gently showing people their faults thru humour.  

Until next time 

PS.  Lauren is playing basketball instead.  
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  1. Hi Sue, I was just thinking about you all today and thought I would check in on your blog. I love reading it and hearing how you are all doing! Sending you our best! Laura