Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm so far behind

Hi friends and family,

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to sit and type, but I've been surprisingly busy.  Girl Scouts are in full swing, and I started volunteering more at Lauren's school.  Which I have to say is very fun.  Both kids had teacher conferences since the last time I typed.  Lauren is adjusting well.  She still gets freaked out by how much homework she has a night (about 90 min worth) but she's adjusting.  We decided that she can do a little, take a break, do a little, take a break ect til it gets done.  This drives me crazy, but it's much better for her.  Speaking of crazy, her chinese teacher told me to chill out.  I would spend hours trying to figure out and translate all of the stuff on the worksheets she missed from the first half of the year.  I would get so upset when I couldn't find a character or the translation was goofy.  (I translated one sentence for her once.  It read "blue mountain squirt gun").  I would go in the next morning to talk to her teacher and she would say, "just don't worry about it".  Of course I kept on worrying.  Finally at her conference, her teacher explained to me if I continue to make it hard, Lauren will not enjoy chinese.  If she has to be a beginner again next year, no big deal.  But if she gets stressed (like I do) then it will be a chore and she won't like it when she gets older.  So if we don't know it, we are to leave it blank.  ITS SO HARD FOR ME TO DO THAT.  Quint caught me trying to figure it out once Lauren went to bed.  

Now Quint on the other hand is having a very different experience.  I have been concerned because we aren't seeing a lot of homework.  I was prepared for him to have much more than he did in the states.  So when conferences came up, I told him he had to come with me.  I was expecting that I would hear that he is slacking off and doing just enough to get by.  Q assured me that he is doing fine.  Scott said that one of us was going to be surprised.  

It was me.

The only thing the teachers had to say is that he can be too chatty (hmmmmm, where does he get that).  But it doesn't seem to interfere with his work.  I hate that he's so smart.  
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  1. Don't worry about it. Something I have heard or been told all my life. I also "learned" to not take the advice since I learned that when I am passionate about something that means it is important to me. So.i found the advice dismissive or a put down. But, I can't say that my experience applies in your case, so, don't follow my lead on this one, please!